What is Safeguarding?

A short guide for those working with Children and Vulnerable Adults within Holy Trinity and St John’s Westcott.

The Church in Westcott adheres to the Safeguarding Policy of the Guildford Diocese.  

Safeguarding is promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults and keeping them safe at all times. That means the measures taken by leaders and helpers to protect children and vulnerable adults.

For Safeguarding purposes:
A child or young person who has not reached their 18th birthday
A vulnerable adult is a person 18 or over who is or maybe in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness. Or maybe unable to take care of themselves or protect themselves from significant harm or exploitation.

Child Abuse:
The neglecting of a child by inflicting harm or failing to prevent harm.
This may be:
Physical Abuse – Emotional Abuse – Verbal Abuse – Sexual Abuse – or all of these.

Vulnerable Adult Abuse:
A violation of person’s Human and Civil Rights by another person or persons.
This may:
Consist of a single act or repeated acts.
Be Physical Abuse – Verbal Abuse – Psychological Abuse – Act of Neglect -Financial Abuse – Exploitation – or all of these.

What to do if you have any concerns about any child or vulnerable adult: 
Only speak to Alan Jonas the Vicar tel no: 01306 885309 or Jan Way the Parish Safeguarding Officer.  They will advise you.
It is of utmost importance that all concerns are kept strictly confidential.

If anyone wishes to know more about Safeguarding, please contact Jan Way who will be happy to advise on where to find further information.

All volunteers that work with children or vulnerable adults must attend the Diocesan safeguarding training every 3 years.

Are you a survivor or victim of church related abuse? Could you help the Diocese of Guildford to learn from the past and protect the future?