Local Directory for Sustainable Living

We used February's Eco Cafe to brainstorm a Local Directory for Sustainable Living.  This will be a living document, so please feedback to ecochallengewestcott@gmail.com with thoughts/ideas/wisdom….specifics/general points!

Action Surrey
Chimney umbrellas (dramatically reduce draughts and stop rubbish falling down the chimney)

Eco Products and where to get them
Eco Eggs/ball for washing clothes
Guppy bags to catch micro plastic fibres in our clothes, ensuring they don’t get into the water

Shampoo bars
Soap instead of shower gel…and soap saving bags to put it in.
Sanitary products
If need to use Faith in Nature products, can refill at Renee’s health food shop in Dorking High

Plastic Alternatives:
Silicon food covers
Beeswax wraps

Refill shops: Fetch’em from the cupboard - shop on Ashtead high street or within Greenwise
Grocers and Cafe on Fetcham High Street. Another due to open within a new, enlarged Dorking
Buy less
Take own containers to Waitrose meat/fish/deli counters or to Dorking Butchery
Local fruit/veg/sausages/bread etc from Food Float - stall on Dorking High Street Fri/Sat and a veg
box scheme.

Water butts
Water siphons
Slug repellant: wool pellets/eggshells
Peat-free compost
How to recycle plastic plant pots?
Rainwater tanks to provide water to flush loos
Tree planting - James Friend scheme

Local (see Food Float)
Milkman (Milk & More)
Eat less meat

Repair Cafe - Christian centre, first Saturday of the month
Library of Things. Small at present! https://www.guildfordmakerspace.org.uk/guildford-library-ofthings/
Dorking Men’s Shed?
Make do and mend

Trash Nothing
Dorking Selling page
Debra shop in Dorking takes furniture
Terracycle - lots of centres for collection of particular items
Eg: The Grange shop behind Oxfam collects Pringles boxes, crisp packets, and sliced bread bags
Holy Trinity: biscuit wrappers
Dorking Domestic Appliances £15 to have your old appliance stripped down with every reusable
part recycled.
Tools with a Mission
Give a Car
Ink cartridges
Blankets/clothes etc for refugees
Educate ourselves about what goes in our green bins to recycle right

Electric vehicles….charging points locally
Q of hydrogen cars in next 5 years
Taking the train:
Trainline now doing split ticketing. Best for checking trains, often cheaper to buy tickets direct from
operators (and not just for their lines)
The man in Seat 61 www.seat61.com for info on how to travel round Europe (and further afield) by
Rail Europe

Ethical clothing companies
High street shops with eco ranges: H&M/M&S/etc
Charity shops
Labour behind the label - campaigning for garment workers rights worldwide, and challenging
shops/manufacturers to be transparent about who makes their garments and how much they’re
paid - 6 items challenge!
Pledge to buy no new clothes for a year
Clothes swaps with friends
Dorking Alterations (at Pump Corner) - to alter clothes that don’t fit properly.

Washable nappies/wipes etc
Beatitudes in St Martins Walk - to offload or buy baby/kids toys/equipment/clothes
Encouraging walking/cycling/dancing/music!
Anything that doesn’t involve using power….
And helps us appreciate the beautiful place we live.

End of Life:
Natural Burial Site at Clandon Wood
Sarah Massey, 12/03/2020