Eco Church 

The Church in Westcott is Going Green!

In January the Church in Westcott officially launched our bid to become an Eco Church- an environmental award scheme run by global Christian charity A Rocha UK.

At the heart of it is the belief that we have a God-given responsibility to care for all creation.  ‘Eco church’ helps churches do that.  There’s an online survey that helps us assess what we’re already doing to care for God’s earth, reflect on what more we can do, and act accordingly.  It’s designed to help us make our responsibility for caring for God’s earth an integral part of our everyday work and witness.

After taking the Eco Survey, we now have a clear picture of how eco-friendly we are in the following areas of Church Life:
Worship & Teaching;
Management of Church Buildings & Land;
Community & Global Engagement;

The good news is that we’re moving steadily towards a Bronze Award! But there’s still so much we can do - as a church, as a community, and as individuals.

There’s no denying that the issues involved in climate change are huge, and it’s difficult not to feel helpless at the scale of the problem. But Eco Church gives us a useful framework help us encourage each other to make changes in our lifestyle…. some small, some more significant…. which really can make a difference.

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